As part of Black Desert’s year-end festivities, and to give back to Adventurers for their support, Black Desert Online SEA is hosting a variety of giveaways

Celebrate the Holidays with Black Desert Online SEA

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Black Desert Online (PC XO)
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fandomfare recommends if your a game lover checking out this holiday event you wont want to miss the adventures and giveaways and holiday festivities

Black Desert Online (PC XO)
'Final 10 million adventurers'

As part of Black Desert’s year-end festivities, and to give back to Adventurers for their support, Black Desert Online SEA is hosting a variety of giveaways and in-game events. To start, from December 29 to January 1, Adventurers can get their hands on the exclusive, first-ever Black Spirit emotes for just one loyalty.

In celebration of the new year, Adventurers can visit Velia to find Lara and complete her quests to receive a Wish Lantern and Box full of Wishes for just one day on January 1.

The Box full of Wishes can only be opened by Adventurers who are level 56 or higher for a chance to get exclusive items such as Red Nose’s Armor,

Giath’s Helmet, Dandelion Weapon Boxes and other event items.

Also, Adventures that play for at least one hour a day will be rewarded with exclusive items that get better by the day from January 1 to 6


There are also 10%, 20% and 30% discount coupons for all purchases available for just one loyalty from December 26 to January 2.

Find more information about the events here.


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