Dixie Brands Inc. (Dixie or the Company) (CSE: DIXI.U) today confirmed its plans to introduce a full line of cannabis-infused products to Canadian consumers.



Dixie Brands Inc. (Dixie or the Company) (CSE: DIXI.U) today confirmed its plans to introduce a full line of cannabis-infused products to Canadian consumers.  The Company is reviewing the proposed regulations for edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals introduced by Health Canada on December 20, and plans to participate in the consultation process.

Based on the breadth of products it has already introduced into the U.S. marketplace, as well as its partnership with Auxly Cannabis Group (“Auxly”) in Canada, Dixie anticipates being ready to launch a fully-compliant selection of products starting when their sale becomes legal in Canada by October 2019.  Dixie expects these products to include THC-infused beverages, THC/CBD topical products, CBD-infused supplements as well as other delivery formats, subject to final Health Canada approval.

“The publication of Health Canada’s proposed regulations is an important step towards clarifying the types of products we will be able to offer in Canada.  Dixie has always taken consumer safety and product quality very seriously, and we have established an excellent track record of working within the unique regulatory frameworks of four different U.S. states,” said Chuck Smith, President and CEO, Dixie Brands Inc. “We believe our nine years of formulation, manufacturing, packaging and regulatory expertise gives us a tremendous first-mover advantage over virtually all other participants in this market.”

Dixie has one of the broadest portfolios of cannabis-infused products in the United States, as well as one of the most recognized brands. Dixie has significant experience in high scale commercial manufacturing in multiple U.S. states.  In the beverage space, Dixie has already developed sophisticated formulation and emulsification technology that many companies are just now trying to develop.

Auxly has secured exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Dixie’s products in Canada though a licensing agreement first announced on May 14, 2018.  Auxly’s Dosecann subsidiary has a licensed and approved manufacturing facility in Charlottetown, PEI which will serve as the base for development, testing and production of the approved Dixie products.  Auxly’s extensive Canada-wide distribution channels will be instrumental to the anticipated national roll-out.


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