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Aphria Inc. announced. that the Company has completed its second shipment of approximately 80 L (equivalent to approximately 20 kg of dried bud) of medical cannabis to its Australian-based partner Althea Company Pty Ltd. (“Althea“).


Under a previously announced supply agreement with Althea (the “Agreement“), Aphria is providing packaged co-branded cannabis oil and dried flower products for the Australian medical cannabis market. Prior to shipment, the Australian Governments’ Office of Drug Control issued an import certificate and Health Canada issued an export certificate.

“We are thrilled to complete this second shipment and by the fast-growing demand for Aphria co-branded medical cannabis in Australia,” said Jakob Ripshtein, President of Aphria. “Through investments and valuable partners like Althea, Aphria continues to execute on its strategic plan for international expansion, growing our presence in high-value global markets.”

This is the second shipment Aphria has made to Althea as part of the Agreement, with each successive shipment expected to increase in volume. The shipment included a mix of cannabis oil and dried bud products, Rideau, Jasper, Capilano, Champlain and Henik which Althea is making available for distribution to pharmacies for eligible medical cannabis patients in Australia. Aphria completed its first shipment of medical cannabis, including approximately 60 L of cannabis oil (equivalent to approximately 10 kg of dried bud), to Althea in April 2018. Permits for a third shipment have already been lodged due to a sharp increase in demand.

In addition to the Agreement, Aphria maintains its 25% ownership interest in Althea. Today, Aphria’s global presence extends across Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Oceania.


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