Exotic Matter Early Access on Steam

Exotic Matter Early Access on Steam

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Exotic Matter Early Access This game has some mixed reviews on Steam right now on steam fandomfare recommend checking this out Minecraft with a sci-fi twist

Exotic Matter Early Access on Steam A blend of Metroidvania adventure and procedural survival game, in Exotic Matter you will explore, craft, fight, solve puzzles and survive. As the sole survivor of a last-ditch expedition to an alien planet, your duty is to find a powerful alien material that could save Earth from destruction.

Why Early Access?

  • Exotic Matter is more than just a game - it is an engine built for open-world sandbox games. 
  • We have a lot of ideas where to go with this project, but we need your feedback to create something truly amazing.

how long will this game be in Early Access?

  • “We estimate that the game will remain in Early Access for about one year, maybe a bit more. There is a lot of content and features that we want to add to the game

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version

  • In comparison to the Early Access version we envision the full game to feature a more complete single-player experience with a lot of facilities on the planet to explore
  • the planet will have a great deal more secrets to discover
  •  Furthermore we plan to have enemies running around in the facilities and on the surface as well as to add a set of different particle weapons for the player to defend themselves

What is the current state of the Early Access version

  • Exotic Matter in Early Access gives you the possibility to be one of the first to play the game and join its active development as part of the community
  • The single-player campaign currently features a fully simulated planet to roam around freely.
  • The planet also contains a ship wreck that doubles as tutorial level and an alien facility nearby to explore. Countless of puzzles, items, lasers and block types await you


Shipwrecked on an alien planet light years from earth, you are tasked with finding a rare and invaluable substance that could save humanity from complete destruction. 

Explore the randomly generated open world of planet Xcylin, delve into the ruins left by an alien race, and expand your arsenal and abilities. Exotic Matter offers countless items, weapons and block types to discover and unlock on your adventure to save Earth.

Exotic Matter is a single-player open world voxel Metroidvania adventure, currently being developed for PC. A blend between a sci-fi mystery and a survival/crafting experience, Exotic Matter takes you on a compelling adventure through fully simulated planet with roguelike underground facilities. The game's sophisticated "dungeon" generation system ensures that no two playthroughs or dungeons are ever the same. 

Exotic Matter also features a fully moddable engine, allowing you to explore countless other worlds created by the community or put on your creative hat and make your own sci-fi adventure!


  • a completely simulated planet open for total exploration
  • fully destructible and reconstructible terrain
  • build your own shelters/bases with sophisticated in-game technology. Connect lights and doors with switches, pressure sensitive blocks and even in-game computer systems
  • mine resources deep below the surface and find hidden treasures and secret underground complexes
  • a vast amount of different block types, each with different attributes and abilities
  • tens of ancient items and technologies left behind by an alien civilization
  • a crafting system combining personal crafting and large-scale crafting via replicator technology, for even more complex items
  • tens of roguelike facilities for you to explore - some large and important, some small and secret - all created by a sophisticated dungeon generation system
  • a "wide linear", deep sci-fi narrative driven by your own exploration and sense of adventure
  • intelligently interacting and overlapping procedural generation systems - from the alien landscape to secret facilities - ensuring no two adventures ever play the same 

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