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stable release of Elive, and the result has been so amazing that there’s almost nothing that needed to be changed from it, it was a truly a rock solid system, and we wanted to update it with slightly updated and polished build, which includes: 

  • Wallpaper: Dynamically changes depending of the hour of the day, looking more magic and nicer for your eyes, and it also includes a hidden surprise for Christmas!
  • Popups: You won’t be annoyed anymore by the Hotkeys Document that appears in the desktop startup, since it is a very useful thing we moved it to the launcher bar of applications
  • Desktop: Disabled the screen off timeout and the asking for the presentation mode
  • Flash: Updated the adobe flash player for the common browsers to the last version, tested on chrome, firefox, and opera
  • Multiuser: Improved the multiple user desktop switching mode compatibility
  • Sound: Fixed a minor bug that played the startup sound with noises in some computers
  • Translations: Updated all the translations in the Elive applications made by the users, thank you!
  • Installer: Multiple minor improvements has been made in the installer to make it more reliable and compatible.
  • Live: Fixed a small issue with startup graphical daemons, improving the overall experience in the live mode, persistence features, and wifi compatibility.

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