The Deepest House

The Deepest House Heads to Genesis 6

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The Genesis Tournament Series is one of the most popular and longest-running grassroots game tournament series in North America. Next year, Mr. Thee will be demoing an updated build of The Deepest House for all attendees who stop by his booth at the venue attached to the Oakland City Center Marriott, from February 1-2. Come-on over with up to 3 friends for this roguelike’s friendly and frenetic Horde Mode to fight-off waves of wiggly fiends. For you lone-wolves out who are either salty after going 0-2 in your pool or simply need to kill some time before your pool starts, a single-player series of dungeons awaits your mettle. While the developer Mr. Thee doesn’t have any cute merchandise for those who come by, he does have 6 different collectible really shiny business cards featuring some of The Deepest House’s monster designs :D.

The Deepest House is currently scheduled to hit Steam Early Access in early 2019 for PC and Mac.


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The Deepest House Heads to Genesis 6 5

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