Langrisser Mobile New Game Play Trailer Revealed

Langrisser Mobile New Game Play Trailer Revealed

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ZLONGAME today revealed a new 
Langrisser Mobile gameplay trailer to celebrate Christmas with players. The video showcases class transfer, more combat scenes and Time Rift. Langrisser Mobile is now open for pre-registration. Players can gain rewards by pre-registering for the game.
Pre-registration site: 
App Store:Langrisser iOS
Google Play Store:Langrisser Android

AAA JRPG on Mobile
There are lots of AAA JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy series, the Legend of Zelda series, the Fire Emblem series, and the Persona series.  However, it’s rare to see a AAA JRPG on a mobile platform.  Langrisser Mobile hopes to start a new trend. The majestic world view, the epic plot of the game, the extreme brain-burning strategy, the exquisite Japanese character style, the master’s music, and the top Japanese dubbing, these are the core feature that Langrisser will possess the best JRPG on Mobile!

Classic Turn-Based Strategic Battles
Born in the 1990s during the Golden Age of Japanese tactical games -Langrisser and Fire Emblem have long been regarded as two titans of turn-based tactical combat. Langrisser Mobile’s unit types against theory, terrain elements and strategic planning are critcial to success. Langrisser’s class transfer system awards players for using their brains to master the game.
Game Features

  • Overwhelming game world concept
  • Epic storyline
  • Unit types against theory, terrain elements and strategy planning are critical to success
  • Perfectly re-experience over 300 classic levels
  • Original Langrisser class transfer system with over 80 heroes for an almost infinite number of battle combinations.
  • Popular cast of characters of original series return
  • Original PVP battle system
  • Original score by composer Noriyuki Iwadare

Classic background music of past series

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