Fatdog64-800 Linux Beta Release

Linux Distrbution: Fatdog64-800 Linux Beta Release

Linux Distribution

Download from here.

Fatdog64-800 Beta was released 20 December 2018.

Fatdog64-800 Linux Beta Release The Fatdog64 team is pleased to announce the second test release of the next generation Fatdog64 GNU/Linux system.

Compared to the previous alpha release, this release has the following changes:Changes from 800:

The following list of updates, new features and changes is only partial.

Linux Distrbution Updates: Fatdog64 Linux

  • AMD microcode to latest (pulled on 2018-12-18)
  • linux-4.19.10
  • findnrun-3.1.0
  • sqlite3-3.26.0
  • mesa-18.2.6
  • openssl-1.1.0j

New Features:

  • Redshift and GUI to set location. (http://jonls.dk/redshift/)
  • Wpa_gui updated with network activity icon and renamed Network tool.

Modules (drivers): 

  •     Support for rtl8821ce-based wireless network adapters

Known Issues:

  • Bluetooth applet is still missing.

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