SELKS 5.0 RC1 release

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SELKS 5.0 RC1 release Yet another upgrade of our SELKS. We are very thankful to all the great  Open Source projects and tools for making it possible to showcase Suricata with our new distro.
Features and fixes post SELKS 5 Beta :

  • Elasticsearch 6.5.3
  • Logstash 6.5.3
  • Kibana 6.5.3
  • Moloch 1.6.2  –  The new SELKS makes use of Moloch and Moloch viewer to parse and view the full packet capture done by Suricata. Moloch comes with an arsenal of tools and features on its own like:
    • CyberChef
    • Extremely flexible and easy to use interface for FPC drill down, filtering,search and pcap export
  • Scirius 3.1.0 CE
    • Administration, ruleset and threat hunting management
    • Blazing fast drill down and search capability through millions of events with milliseconds response time
    • Easy filter and grouping of alerts
    • Any field and action is selectable and searchable
    • Select or negate filter
    • Order and set up your own threat hunting dashboard in seconds with drag and drop functionality
  • Suricata  – always latest git edition and features available.
  • SELKS scripts upgrade
    • available now system wide in “/usr/bin”
    • Full packet Capture retention policy – thanks Joren0494 !
  • Thank you for all the major community contributors form the community
  • Debian – always thankful !
  • EveBox – always the latest and very thankful for your support and extremely fast bug fixing and feature addition

Read more about the features and browse through screenshots of major SELKS 5 release 


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SELKS 5.0 RC1 release 5

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