Neighbors Christmas Nightmare Alpha,

Game Review: Fandomfare Gaming Neighbors Christmas Nightmare Alpha


Game Review secret neighbor – neighbors Christmas nightmare, we only captured 11 or 12 mins of the live stream here we played more than an hour after this clearly this twist on hello neighbor that is going to be a huge hit once it gets into beta we have had a great time so far many thanks going out Tinybuild for the game and the keys giving us an opportunity to check out there new game excellent multiplayer RPG on steam

Game Streaming secret neighbor

we were really just winging it on facebook live stream amazed we even got everything for Neighbors Christmas Nightmare Alpha, to work together on our little notebook laptop. the game runs great on its own once you toss in chrome share screen and such things get a bit rough lots of server disconnects and moments in responsiveness. this will be available in alpha on steam until January 6th we got a personal invite but you can register for the alpha right at tiny builds web page play it right on steam.

Game Review secret neighbor

to be honest this is not really a good game at least in its alpha state to live stream we got caught fairly quick and easy we were interested in entertaining on the live game started the neighbor was right on top of us.

we did learn after you are out of the game you can not use live game chat to warn others dad player cant be heard in-game however you can talk with the neighbor which you will see if you see our live stream interestingly enough the neighbor is a ghost, we had a good 10 min conversation with VOX who was the Neighbor the video does not do the game justice it was very lagged and clipped only blips and pieces were being streamed.

i am going to check out the recorded play we made, pretty sure that method work way better for us even though we are a big family in a small place and there was a lot of baby crying while we played see if we can put that togeather and get that up for all to see.

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