Monster Prom’s third update

Monster Prom’s third update is a gift that keeps on giving!

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he Gift Update unwraps fresh content for Monster Prom, just in time for the Holidays.

Monster Prom’s third update Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys release the “The Gift Update” for Monster Prom.

Following the fallout of its recent prank-related panic, Spooky High is winding down for more festive times – times of cheer, glee and gifts that keep on giving. Naughty or nice, there’s something for everyone inside The Gift Update.  

Snug Seasonal Outfits

Even monsters know that function beats form when the weather turns cold. Scratchy sweaters, beefy boots and overcoats that leave much for the imagination become the fashion of choice during this chilly time of year.

Another new secret ending

Finding out what you get beforehand is always disappointing, so we’ll keep the word mummed on this one.

The Gift  
Get ready to have your stockings filled to the brim, cause there’s no shortage of presents at Spooky High this year. Although you may have wanted Santa to check the list twice, because there are all sorts of inconvenient items thrown in the bag.

So if you’re interested in showcasing some of the visuals in this Monster Promupdate, be sure to go here:

Last but not least, The Gift Update comes with a 20% discount on Monster Prom
To make absolutely sure that we keep you inside and enthralled during this bleak midwinter.




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Monster Prom’s third update is a gift that keeps on giving! 5

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