Fandomfare Gaming lunchtime thursday "Glitch Cental "

Fandomfare Gaming lunchtime thursday “Glitch Cental “


Fandomfare Gaming lunchtime Thursday “Glitch Central ” ok well this day live stream was clearly riddled with game glitches tht no one can deny was having shuffle and draw giltches one hand shuffle and drawn land next hand draw no creatures to play but loads of lands no matter which deck no matter the number of cards in the deck.

lunchtime thursday "Glitch Cental "

other glitches and issues that are getting harder to deal with some more than others the disperser cards and the card that remove control cards and such will shine blue when the cards are in play in your own deck, not the opponents suggesting you take out your own card and so persistent that even after you decline a pass button will come up twice before you can make your next move.

then there is a less annoying next button error on your first play there is a next button lite before you make a single move this is a fools game one could play for hors if you dont relize the button is not nessary and will just pass your turn when what you need to do is play a card .

lunchtime thursday “Glitch Cental “

last but not least the new rank system seems stuck and broke all player are stuck in gold tire 4 no matter how mant games you lose or win you cant go higher or lower .

there is also some card in the game in play that really and i mean really need to be limited in the number you can have in a deck they are making play impossible in some cases you downright unfair, and there have been enough complaints in the forums and such that no doubt the devs know just what i mean

.I spent some time in spite of the glitches tweaking my deck a bit more and the test I managed to try seemed to work pretty well its all getting closer to the balance that makes it work as an army of minions at your command should so to speak

hope you enjoyed the stream if so invite your friends, like the page turn on them, live notices so you know when we are live mtga is not the only game we regularly stream and review also don’t forget to join us for Saturday nite live stream in the arena not to worry the stram alway will go live after the esl turnments .


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