VR Game Experiment Gone Rogue

Indie VR Game Experiment Gone Rogue comes out of Early Access

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Repulse Game Studio proceeds to a full release of their first virtual reality game with mature content on Steam. The sci-fi action releases today under the price of $16.99 and supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It consists of 2 and a half hours of full motion tracked gameplay.

VR Game Experiment Gone Rogue

Experiment Gone Rogue is an indie game set in dystopian Earth, where an alien civilization, called the Cirinians, have asserted themselves over humanity. They perform various experiments on humans with the purpose of creating a super soldier under their control. However, something goes wrong with one of the test subjects and they lose control over it. The player steps in the shoes of the escaped subject in the Cirinian facility, destroying everything in its way. You get to climb across an industrial city environment, ride flying vehicles in the night sky, perform close combat on enemies, shoot with various types of guns against fierce bosses and more.

The full release of the game includes an overall polish of the graphics and gameplay, FPS improvement through optimization and bug fixes (improved AI; rework of some levels and more). A new extra level with new enemies is included, as well as a physics update in the Go-Go bar. 

You can find Experiment Gone Rogue on Steam.

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