MX Linux 18 release candidate 1

MX Linux 18 release candidate 1

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MX Linux 18 release candidate 1

MX Linux 18 release candidate 1 for testing. The latest updates from Debian 9.6 'Stretch', antiX and MX repositories: GIMP 2.10 (with plugins), MESA 18.2.6, updated firmware, 4.19.5 Linux kernel (with blk-mq file system corruption patch), Firefox 64.0, VLC 3.0.3, Clementine 1.3.1, Thunderbird 52.9.1, LibreOffice 6.0.1, 

MX Linux 18 selectable themes for installed system grub boot menu and plymouth boot-splash via mx-boot-options
system-keyboard and system-locale options allow easy access to configuration of system default keyboard and locales management
updates to MX Package Installer, including faster performance, flatpaks, and Popular Apps entries.
mx-installer (based on gazelle-installer) now includes LUKS encrypted root, home, and swap partition options.
mx-codecs updated to install updated S3 texture packs (important for Valve/Steam games in particular)
many additional package and ISO repository mirrors via mx-repo-manager
(most mx-apps have already updated thru the standard update channel)

Improved localization
almost all mx-apps received translation updates (we love translators!)

light-locker used for screen locking (xscreensaver is available in mx-packageinstaller)
new conky configs (conky-manager for selections and location, mx-conky for color modification)
new ability to use grub themes via mx-boot-options, with set of choices available
lightdm-gtk-greeter (the login screen) now has locale selection options 
Thunar custom actions updates:
    use default text editor for "Edit as Root" rather than a hard-coded editor
    add sha hash verification option
    removed "Change Owner to..." actions

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