ArchLabs 2018.12 release

ArchLabs 2018.12 release

Linux Distribution

ArchLabs 2018.12 release

ArchLabs 2018.12 release. It has been almost six months since our latest release and this one brings a different approach. We have decided to do away with the live environment. When you start your USB install you will be thrown straight into the installer. 

Most of the changes with ArchLabs this release is under the hood but we do have some other more obvious changes:

  • Aurman has been replaced with a homegrown AUR helper called Baph. Run “baph -h” in a terminal to see the options. Use Baph to install and update your AUR packages.
  • Most of the package repo has had an overhaul. Some older outdated packages may require manual intervention.
  • The installer has undergone major work, your ArchLabs  Linux   install should be easier than ever.

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