NethServer 7.6

NethServer 7.6 released

Linux Distribution

NethServer 7.6 released with new multiple backups, modern GUI and WebTop Groupware 5.5

NethServer is an Open Source operating system

Today, we’re happy to announce that NethServer 7.6 lINUX has been released and is publicly available.

This release marks a big step forward for communication, collaboration and security, introducing:

  • Multiple backups, with new storage backends and encryption
  • New modern look and feel for NethServer user interface (alpha)
  • Email: Rspamd is now the default, with quarantine support
  • WebTop Groupware: CalDAV/CarDAV server, optimized layout for tablets, favorite folder and video calls
  • Fail2Ban: track the activity of the attackers with new jails
  • nDPI: performance and security improved
  • Accounts: easily delete a list of users, DC container upgraded and password expiration management improved

We’re confident that it will be as always a great release and it will achieve our mission: making sysadmin’s life easier. This is thanks to the most vibrant, supportive and friendly community in the Open Source space (and not only Open Source).

About NethServer Linux

NethServer is an Open Source operating system designed for small offices and medium enterprises. It’s simple, secure and flexible.

NethServer is ready to deliver your messages, to protect your network with the built-in firewall, share your files and much more, everything on one system.

Release highlights

Many new features were added since the last NethServer ISO was released, they are all available today with NethServer 7.6. Let’s see the most important improvements:

Multiple backups, new storage backends and encryption

We have strongly improved our backup adding some feature such as:

  • new storage backends
  • encryption
  • multiple scheduled backups

The data backup can be performed using different engines:

  • duplicity (default)
  • restic
  • rsync

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