Fandomfare gaming Sunday lunchtime

Game Streaming: Fandomfare gaming Sunday lunchtime in magic the gathering arena

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming
Fandomfare gaming Sunday lunchtime

Sunday lunchtime in magic the gathering arena lets see how it goes today, well today was good however we had issues the internet had some problems and was lagging and causing the game to be unresponsive a few times almost thought it was going to crash once.

we had the same issue a bit later trying to get some Roblox in the broadband was sketchy and some clients refused to get connected could not get a solid stream going oddly now things seem stable this evening, it was a very nice day today no storms wind or anything it was unusual.

 Game Streaming: Fandomfare gaming Sunday lunchtime

i learned a few new tricks about some of the cards tonight in jungle secert which could make this deck far more ofensive then i have found it to be also going to attempt a few tweats to this deck  to add some more defense to and muscle.

if you are curious check out the tips articles posted yesterday. overall so far as the arena goes it was a pretty good day for the learning curve on top of we ranked up to silver while playing Sunday lunchtime which is exciting can’t wait to see where we finish at the end of the month.

hope you enjoy the stream if so please do follow and or like our facebook page which can be found @jadiriGamer  and invite your friend to do the same if they enjoy gaming and eSports

really hope you checked out Saturday nite live stream yesterday it turned out to be exciting funny, all had a great time. don’t forget if you play mtga and have the game you can join in the play and perhaps get a challenge in with us if you don’t play we highly recommend you download  and give it a try it is a blast its even more social digital as the game has been over the years  get it here magic the gathering arena 

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