Saturday nite live stream i

Fandomfare Gaming its Saturday nite live stream in mtga

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Fandomfare Gaming -  Its Saturday nite live stream in mtga this will be a first for /SNLS with the new rank and update. tonight i_dude7 attempted his first dive into the new mix and see what its about.

Saturday nite live stream i

its Saturday nite live stream

it was a great night in the arena for fandomfare Saturday nite live stream we got way more wins then we figure moved up more than 2 ranks  in the process. we pick up our goal of 20 green or black spells and won a load of gold in the process. 

of all the change I will say the hard Ithink to get used to will be the look of the new menu and arena the new rank system will keep things exciting a fresh each day and month for all.

I think I have made up my mind on the first of the updates i would like to make on my decks and I am hoping we can find time to make them before this weekend is up. i want to thank you all for your support and for watching don't forget to follow like our page turn on the notification and invite your friends to join us 

check out out new article fand tips for the game. 

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