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Hardcore indie game Sacred Stones andriod version released

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Sacred Stones that was released as Steam version was re-released as Android version.

Sacred Stones

award Sacred Stones has met users only in the Steam. However, with the release of Andriod, Sacred Stones is now available on a variety of devices.

The boss, map, and weapon are all the same as the PC, and the operation method is the same as the PC, but with the addition of the Auto Attack function, the game is made more convenient.

It is a game that defeats a total of 20 bosses by a boss fight system rather than a general hunting system. There are devices that can help you play by increasing weapons and shields.

It's not just an easy-to-play type of boss for 20 pixel games. It takes more than two hours for people to play similar platform games or understand how to operate them. The more you play, the stronger your sense of challenge and it will take a considerable amount of time to complete this game. So nice to play with PC, but I recommend you to stay on Android for a short time.

If you finished the final boss after enjoying this game, please leave it in the latter part. Meeting the final boss is a great play and a true Sacred Stones gamer.

Official Trailer :

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