aggressive style decks

Heard around in discussions MTGA in need of balance for aggressive style decks


Fandomfare Gaming – Heard around in discussions MTGA in need of balance for aggressive style decks I have been playing pc game since October in the last weeks the game has some odd quirks and bugs that seemed to have popped up and grown worse in the last weeks.

the best deck to play to get a win is the out of the box blue-green deck with few tweaks, after that is red then black I have 2 styles I started playing because of the action of the game for wins and rank green blue is key, for complete creature kills and spell casting n not even concerning your self with wins just collecting gold and deck goal black and red are key they are very aggressive for cast spells .

the blue-green deck is a starter deck jungle secrets it is a fairly aggressive style deck tweaks made are several naturlize  and a few sylvan awakening and a few cards that can destroy flying creatures Plummet is what we choose to use light on mana demands.

aggressive style decks

this deck will get you them tough wins against most players  its aggressive but  you have to fight fire with fire to move the new ranking . this mix can also help you avoid deck death which is an old trick that  seems to be making a big come back in the mtgarena

right now I do nt like the over aggressive decks the name of the game is magic not fortnite it’s not a blood and gust first shooter game it’s a card game.

the deck i have been seeing more than not in the last 2 weeks is a variation of turbo fog that are so defensive they allow nearly zero damage the regenerate life boost have nearly zero firepower they just sit do nearly nothing till the other guy gets so bored tired or die from deck death.

the other version are so aggressive they have card that gives them endless draws and allows extra plays so as to allow them to build a defense of a dozen or more shooter in ever in the time it takes the other player to build suficent mana to cast more than one card one or 2 combat attack game over .

more tweaks you can make to this deck to build in more defnsive power

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