Fandomfares lunchtime Friday

Fandomfares lunchtime Friday magic the gathering arena new update

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Fandomfares lunchtime Friday magic the gathering arena I got to check out the update last night it is looking good and had gone back to a more competitive nature for daily and weekly goals daily new ranking system is running as well.

tis new update and ranking system and update is looking good there is a more compettive feel to the play  today was exceptionally rough really need to tweak and update the decks we have been plying with since october  not only have wwe won many new dacks and card the game has move forward without us moving with it.

there are some card and moves I don’t care to play or think much of they are not new  many have been around forever like building decks just to deck death  this is not new in any way its been around its  fake  play in my mind always has been, another thing I have been competitive happening more and more is we when you get your attack and move all set and you move to attack and the opponent is suddenly allowed to make a move use a card in hand to boost power of several of their blockers  seconds before the attack  that should simply not be  allowed in game at all their defense was set in there last completed move  that is how they left it to defend adding they had there chance . 

either way no one player can change what is I, think this new update will help restore and build new interest in the game for some time to come  as will the new esports play and challnages  and other new features . 

thank you for joining i hope you enjoy, lunchtime Friday if so come as hope you will like out page challenges it to your friends and encourage all to turn on I think live video notices watch what this new season in the rank will bring, don’t forget you can also play along if you have  MTG ARENA  or download the game if you don’t  there is now person game can be requested  too join us for Saturday night live stream @ fandomfare Gaming 

New Ranking System

New Ranking System

We are adding a new ranking system to MTG Arena! There will be seasons, each lasting approximately one month, and you’ll be able to earn rewards based on which rank you can achieve. For the preseason, the reward structure is as follows (and before you ask, we do plan on expanding the types of rewards players can earn during ranked seasons, namely once cosmetics have been added to the game):

  • Bronze: 1 pack
  • Silver: 1 pack + 500 gold
  • Gold: 2 packs + 1000 gold
  • Platinum: 3 packs + 1000 gold
  • Diamond: 4 packs + 1000 gold
  • Mythic: 5 packs + 1000 gold

Ranks will operate separately for constructed and limited, and you will earn rewards for BOTH your constructed rank and limited rank separately. How do these ranks work? Let’s see how they look in the client:


As of the December 13 update, ranks have been reset and all players will start at Bronze Tier 4. We’re starting off in what we’re calling a “Preseason”, from December 13 through January 31. We want to measure how players are proceeding through the ranking system and making sure everything’s working how we hope it will with rank progression and matchmaking, in order to make sure players are being matched quickly and against the best opponent we can find for them. There is the question of why we’re starting with best-of-1 for Ranked. Of the over quarter billion games played on MTG Arena since Open Beta, 97% have been in best-of-1 games. We’re looking at this as an opportunity to expand the breadth of competitive Magic, provide a competitive scene for MTG Arena that is familiar to the majority of our audience, and put the ranking system through the largest volume of games we can.

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