Challengermode 's National Esports Leagues expand

Challengermode ‘s National Esports Leagues expand to Iberia together with DreamHack Spain


Challengermode 's National Esports Leagues expand

Challengermode and DreamHack Spain (run by license-holder Encom Games) are excited to announce a new partnership that will see Encom Games as the licensee of the National Esports Leagues (NEL) for the Iberian peninsula in addition to a long-term platform partnership between the two parties wherein Challengermode is the exclusive esports platform for Encom (DreamHack Spain).

"We have been working with DreamHack HQ for over three years and are happy to extend this collaboration to their Spanish licensee Encom Games. Together, we can work on improving the grassroots esports scene in Iberia while unlocking new business and growth opportunities. We’re especially excited to add another set of leagues in Spain and Portugal to the growing list of supported NEL regions, something which is very important for the growth of the framework as a whole."
- Philip Skogsberg, CMO of Challengermode

The NEL for Spain and Portugal will go under the already well-established DreamCup brand by DreamHack Spain. Starting in Q1 2019, the first season will feature the games League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Rocket League and Fortnite with a combined prize pool of €19,000. The scale and structure of the leagues are enabled by the automated league system Challengermode has developed. A league on Challengermode is a seasonal competition based on an infinitely scalable league structure made of several interconnected divisions or levels of series. Participants compete at a skill level that is appropriate to them, regardless of where in the division structure they are playing.

In addition to the NEL partnership, Challengermode will be the exclusive esports platform for Encom Games (DreamHack Spain) as part of an extended platform partnership. DreamHack Spain will use the Challengermode platform to launch and scale up various online competitions, BYOC LAN competitions and more as-of-yet unannounced projects and events focused on the Spanish and Portuguese esports market.

"We are thrilled to work with Challengermode. Since the launch of DreamCup we have always wanted to develop a competition that allows amateur and semi-professional players to enjoy a pro-player experience, thanks to this collaboration we are closer to being able to offer it for the players of Spain and Portugal. We are looking forward to announcing the whole competition next year."
- Arturo Castello, CEO of Encom Games

The national leagues, jointly named NEL - National Esports Leagues - were launched as a concept during spring of 2018. The NEL is a new competitive ecosystem that is based on several interconnected national or regional league competitions across several popular game titles. The purpose with the leagues is to create a structure where regular players can compete at their skill level in national competitions and get the chance to go all the way to international professional competitions.

Challengermode will continue to expand the NEL framework to more countries regions in Europe throughout 2019. Established tournament organizers and esports broadcasting companies are urged to submit their interest to host NEL competitions in their region through the partner portal.

About Challengermode

Challengermode is a Swedish tech startup working on a competitive gaming platform that offers the most accessible competitive gaming experience for professional and non-professional gamers alike. Working closely with game developers, brands and tournament organizers, the Stockholm based company provides an esports platform built to combat a growing disconnect within the esports industry.

Tens of thousands of tournaments have been hosted through the platform together with partners and brands such as Dreamhack and OMEN by HP. Some of these include the "Nordic University Esports Championship" and "League of Schools", two popular school competitions. With these and future competitions Challengermode aims to build a bridge between amateurs and professionals and provide a clear path to the top.

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