Expert Joints LIVE! just keeps growing! Now, you can catch Craig Ex aka the Expert of Expert Joints on High Times TV, the newly launched cannabis app brought to you by High Times, one of the world’s most iconic cannabis brands.

High Times TV (HTTV) is a cannabis-friendly digital space that financial journalist John Jannarone called the “Netflix of cannabis”, and by joining the High Times family, Expert Joints’ potential reach has skyrocketed to over 12 million!

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That’s a lot of slightly red eyeballs that are starved for quality cannabis content! Not to mention the huge and exciting implications this deal has for all the shows and series coming down the pipeline in the future.

Craig Ex said:

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with such a huge name in the space to not only further the reach of Expert Joints, but to also help further the normalization of cannabis with even more well-put together programming.”

High Times Director of Business Development Daniella Segal said:

“We’re thrilled to have Craig Ex on board, and are happy to welcome to Expert Joints to the High Times TV family.”

This team-up is a huge step forward for Expert Joints LIVE!, but in a way, it almost seems like it was meant to be as Craig Ex and High Times were born in the same year- 1974. You can’t make this stuff up!

You also can’t make up how impressive it is that the show has already come so far in such a short time- as Expert Joints founder Craig Ex told CLN:

“When I started Expert Joints in my living room back in 2014, I could only imagine working with such an iconic cannabis brand as High Times.

It’s taken an incredible amount of work and support to go from my house to Pot TV to Studio 710 to HTTV in less than five years.”


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