Santa Tracker app

Santa Tracker app Do you dream of an app that will keep your child entertained as you eat a mince pie and watch Christmas Netflix?

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Well fear not, Onteca’s Santa Tracker app will even buy you enough time to fill a stocking and do some present wrapping before Christmas.

Santa Tracker app

Santa Tracker features a blog written by Santa and Mrs Santa (and now as an audio feature voiced by Santa) with a story a day about the Claus family’s pre-Christmas preparations (from 1st December to Christmas day.) The blog posts answer many festive questions like:

*  How does Santa fit down chimneys when he eats so many mince pies?

*  Which countries does Santa fly over in his pre-Christmas practice run?

*  What happens when Rudolf catches a cold? 

Mini Santa fans can also follow Father Christmas and his reindeer as they trek off from Lapland across Europe, Asia, America and beyond. Santa’s newly installed GPS system means they are treated to a real-time view of Santa’s globetrotting fun.

Both the Android and Nintendo Switch™ versions of Santa Tracker app will also be updated over the Christmas period to include an audio section, where Santa talks about his adventures. 

Santa said: “I often get asked about day-to-day life at Santa HQ and Toy Design Central, so I’m letting you into a few of our trade secrets as you read or listen to my blog. Does Mrs Claus take a traditional approach to tree decoration or like a bit of bling? Where is my favourite place to visit on my day off? What food do you give to penguins to make them behave and does Rudolf always pull my sleigh? Of course he does, you can see his nose from space!

The Santa Tracker app has been designed by Onteca games and is free to download on i-phone and Android. It’s also available to buy for the first time at the online Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and is available from 7th of December for £2.99/$2.99.

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