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The Holiday Rhythm Game sale is now live!

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PM Studios is happy to announce that we're part of the Playstation's Holiday Sale! Featuring all the rhythm games you love from us!

Enjoy discounts on awesome games like Deemo (PS Vita), SUPERBEAT XONiC (PS4/Vita) and our most recent rhythm game MUSYNX (PS4/Vita)!

No Playstation Plus required!
The sale ends on 1/5/2019!

Discounts detailed below: Original Price/Sale Price/
Deemo: The Last Recital (PS Vita): $14.99 => $4.49 
SUPERBEAT XONiC (PS4): $29.99 => $8.99
SUPERBEAT XONiC (Vita): $19.99 => $5.99
MUSYNX (PS4): $29.99 => $8.99 
MUSYNX (Vita): $29.99 => $8.99

Also, to celebrate we have free songs available for SUPERBEAT XONiC (PS4)!

Vertical Horizon by Planetboom
Expressive Air 06 by Yosuke Yasui
Afternoon of Summer by Ayako Saso
Rackin' Gravity by 7 Sequence

Download them below:

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