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Out of the Park Baseball 19

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Perfect Team, a new online multiplayer mode, now available for OOTP 19

Out of the Park Developments has released Perfect Team mode – its all-new online baseball multiplayer strategy mode included in Out of the Park Baseball 19 – worldwide! 

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The public beta of Perfect Team mode smashed records for OOTP online participation and engagement, delighting thousands of players around the globe

Out of the Park Baseball 19, an Official Licensee of MLB, MLBPA, and MiLB.com, offers its owners and subscribers the next generation of online baseball strategy

Out of the Park Developments, an official licensee of MLB, the MLBPA, and MiLB.com, has announced the worldwide release of Perfect Team mode, its new online baseball multiplayer strategy mode. Out of the Park Baseball 19 owners and subscribers can participate for free. The game is available via Steam, Origin, Origin Access, or directly from Out of the Park Developments.

The public beta of Perfect Team mode was an astounding success, with more than 8,000 teams participating in hundreds of simulated leagues with teams constructed from thousands of player cards. The participation was significantly more than expected, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community has propelled Perfect Team to the forefront of Out of the Park Developments’ community engagement. 

In Perfect Team mode, players compete against each other in a dynamic online universe, fielding their own versions of “Perfect Teams” pulled from digital baseball cards collected over time. Teams battle each other in simulated online leagues of 30 teams each, featuring 5 league levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Perfect Leagues). These league tiers ensure all players are competing against others with similar levels of engagement.

Players put their teams together by collecting special Perfect Team cards, assembling lineups, defining tactics, and customizing their team color scheme, name, location, weather, and ballpark. Simulations run 28 times a day, in 30-minute intervals. At that pace, an entire season is completed within one week. Between simulations, players can make changes to their team (such as modifying lineups, strategies, and tactics), scouting their upcoming opponents, making roster moves, and acquiring more cards via packs or the marketplace. 

After a season is over, the top teams of a league are promoted to the next level, while the bottom teams are relegated to a league one level below. The ultimate goal is to reach one the Perfect Leagues with a Perfect Team, compete for World Series titles, and climb the ranking of the best Perfect Team mode managers worldwide!

“Perfect Team mode has been an amazing success in its beta form, which has positioned us wonderfully to deliver a complete experience to all our fans,” said CEO Markus Heinsohn. “Thanks to our extraordinary fanbase feedback, we’ve been able to put together something I’m incredibly proud of. This is a new world; an always-on, dynamic online experience. Giving players the chance to assemble completely unique teams, tailored to their preferred style, and competing against other fans from around the world is uproariously fun.”

“This is the culmination of tremendous effort from everyone inside our organization as well as our amazing fans,” said CMO Richard Grisham. “Whether you’re a newcomer to our game or a veteran, players of all types have told us that Perfect Team mode is a really fun way to play baseball. The best part is that we’re just getting started! Perfect Team mode is going to grow based upon fan feedback for years, with dozens of unique ways to participate no matter your personal play style and amount of time you want to spend in it.”

The Out of the Park Baseball 19 update featuring the Perfect Team mode is now available worldwide for free. All owners of Out of the Park Baseball 19 are eligible, whether purchased from Steam, Origin, or directly from Out of the Park Baseball. In addition, subscribers to Origin Access can also get this free update.

Out of the Park Baseball 19 is available for $19.99 on Steam, EA Origin, and through the company’s website at these links:


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