Maneater on Epic Games Store

Tripwire Interactive Partners with Epic Games to Release Maneater on Epic Games Store

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Following the initial announcement at The Game Awards show in Los Angeles, California, Tripwire Interactive is proud to share further details on its strategic partnership with Epic Games to bring Maneater, the highly anticipated action-RPG where you play as a shark, to PC  in 2019 via the newly revealed Epic Games store. For the PC, Maneater will debut on the Epic Games store and release on other PC platforms 12 months later. Last week’s exciting announcement for Maneater is a natural next step, following a rich shared history and relationship between Epic Games and Tripwire Interactive.

Tripwire Interactive Partners with Epic Games to Release Maneater on Epic Games Store 5

“From getting our start winning the first Epic Make Something Unreal modding contest in 2004 to having our game Maneater selected by Epic for the inaugural group of games to come to the new Epic Games store, Tripwire is excited to once again join Epic in forging this next chapter of gaming history,” said John Gibson, CEO at Tripwire Interactive. “Epic are doing something unheard of for digital distribution platforms - they are taking risks by putting money back into the independent development ecosystem via funding some games. This allows developers to take bigger chances and make better games than they would be able to otherwise. That’s a win for everyone.”

First revealed at E3 2018 and initially announced as a published title, Maneater, the open world single player action-RPG where players take on the role of a shark, will now be developed in-house by Tripwire Interactive in collaboration with creative leads at Blindside Interactive. Tripwire Interactive has high expectations for Maneater and its potential to lead the popular action-RPG genre into uncharted waters, and will be devoting extra resources to assist with development.

“We’re also thrilled to announce that Tripwire is once again working with Alex Quick to put the full force of Tripwire’s development team behind bringing one of his game concepts to players, this time in collaboration with his new studio Blindside Interactive,” said John Gibson, CEO at Tripwire Interactive. “In 2008 Tripwire worked with Alex to bring the highly successful game Killing Floor to players, and are set to do that once again with Maneater.”

Set in the unforgiving waters of the southern US Gulf Coast, Maneater finds players fighting to survive in rivers and streams as well as the open ocean, with danger lurking at every depth. Their only tools are their wits, their jaws, and an uncanny ability to evolve as they feed. Anything and everything is on the menu... kill or be killed. In this tale of revenge, players can take on the role of an ever-evolving shark and terrorize the coastal waterways, tearing swimmers and divers limb from limb, giving the humans a reason to fear what lies below. Immersed in a living, breathing world full of threats and rewards, players will have a vast world to explore sunken wrecks, lurk in swamps, or cruise the open ocean looking for their next unsuspecting meal. As your shark evolves customize your maneater to fit YOUR play style. Eat, Grow, Evolve.

For more information on Maneater, please visit the official website and follow the development team on Facebook and Twitter @Maneater for the latest updates.


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Tripwire Interactive Partners with Epic Games to Release Maneater on Epic Games Store 6

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