Fortnite Collectible Toys

New Limited Stock Fortnite Collectible Toys Launched Today in UK

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A brand-new Fortnite Collectibles range has launched across the UK today and is set to be the year’s must-have stocking filler! Here’s what you need to know:

Fortnite Collectible Toys
  • Brand-new range, available today exclusively at Smyths Toys
  • Extremely limited availability, likely to sell out
  • Second release to come on 17 December
  • 20 poseable 5cm figures in Wave 1, including fan favorites like Skull Trooper, Omega and Cuddle Team Leader
  • Available in Solo (one figure £4.99), Duo, (two figures £9.99) and Squad (four figures £19.99) packs
  • Launched by Worlds Apart and Moose Toys

For more information and additional assets contact us at [email protected]




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New Limited Stock Fortnite Collectible Toys Launched Today in UK 5

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