Sumo now in Early Access

Sumo now in Early Access

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Table 9 Studio has released its debut title, “Sumo”, into Early Access on Steam for Windows Desktop PCs.  Sumo is an all-ages party game, featuring cute spherical characters battling to be the last man standing upon an ever-decaying arena.

New party game from former AAA developers turned Indie

Have you ever played a minigame involving shoving your friends off of a level that keeps getting smaller?  Sure you have! It’s a time-tested system seen in dozens of side games, minigames, or quickly-made bonus games in other titles.  The developers of Table 9 Studio ask – why has that solid core always been relegated to a bonus or an extra, and not brought to the forefront as a full-fledged title?

Sumo answers the call, featuring a wide array of unique characters, fast-paced gameplay, awesome abilities, multiple levels with hilarious hazards, and a high skill ceiling, where positioning, timing, and mastery matter.  In Sumo, anyone can jump in and learn to play within seconds, and everyone has a shot at winning.

“Tons of promise from a team with years of experience finding the fun in its characters. I can’t wait to see it finished.”
-Anthony, age 36
“It was so much fun, can we play it again tomorrow!?”
-Josh, age 9, after playing with his friends for the first time for 3 hours straight.
“I have to say it was a blast!  …To sum it up, the fights were real fun, and people here really loved the game!”
-Robson, age 42, during a local party game gathering.
“How long before I can play it with my friends? I can’t wait!”
-Tanner, age 12, after beating all the adults who dare challenge him.

Sumo is built in Unreal Engine 4 entirely in its Blueprint system.  Not a single line of code was written for this title or any of its features, including online multiplayer support.  The title is planned to release to consoles at a later date, but we cannot confirm other platforms at this time.

Gather your friends for a night of tense and hilarious battles – Sumo is available now on Steam Early Access:


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