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UBports Ubuntu Touch OTA-6 Release

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Ubuntu Touch is the privacy and freedom respecting mobile operating system by UBports. Our newest update, OTA-6, is rolling out over the next five days (completing on Wednesday, December 12). You can skip to "How to get OTA-6" to get it now if you're impatient, or read on to learn more about this release.

fandomfre gaming UBports

What's new?

OTA-6 brings a number of fixes and improvements to Ubuntu Touch. In this release, we primarily focused on bug fixes and stability improvements.

Morph Browser

Half of the confirmed closed tickets for OTA-6 affected the Morph browser. This got to be so high, in fact, it swayed the decision to start the release process!

A number of high-visibility issues were fixed:

We'd like to thank Chris Clime and Mateo Salta for their huge contributions to the browser during this cycle.

Oneplus One improvements

Florian made some changes which improve the experience for users of the Oneplus One:

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