Lunchtime Friday in MTG ARENA

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

Here it goes Lunchtime Friday in MTG ARENA come on along, our time in the arena this lunchtime was fairly short and challenging we did complete the goals and win more than a few games all to our good.

Lunchtime Friday in MTG ARENA

we got some exciting news yesterday about an eSports starter kit yesterday with a $10.000,000 prize pool for 2019 this is available now with a special code at least I received an email yesterday this will be worth looking into for many with a new and renewed interest in the game since the release of MTG ARENA Magic: The Gathering Arena Wizards of the Coast

Lunchtime Friday Live Stream

hope you enjoyed lunchtime Friday in MTG ARENA if you did don’t forget to like or follow our page and turn on them video notices to be notified anytime we go live we do review and live stream other games each week.
don’t miss us tomorrow for Saturday night Livestream and it is possible later this afternoon we will be back with Roblox out continuing hello neighbor Roblox saga.

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