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Guns of Boom Announces Gods of Boom Stadium-level Esports Series


As part of the celebrations at the recent Guns of Boom Season One Finals in Los Angeles, Game Insight has revealed the plans for the game’s second esports season in partnership with ESL, the world’s largest esports company. Beginning in early 2019, Guns of Boom Season Two will introduce Gods of Boom, a new stadium-level series of tournaments that will be part of the world’s biggest esports events. The first Gods of Boom competition will take place at the IEM Expo in Katowice, Poland, with the final match taking place on the main stage. Guns of Boom will be the first mobile game to step on to one of ESL’s mega stages.

Guns of Boom fandomfare gaming

“I was competing in esports nearly 20 years ago, and have been a fan of competitive gaming ever since,” said Anatoly Ropotov, CEO of Game Insight. “To bring Guns of Boom to IEM Expo, the biggest esports trade show out there, feels like something of a homecoming. I can’t imagine a better place to debut our Gods of Boom tournament series.”

Game Insight has also revealed that their Pro League will be welcoming players from Latin America and Southeast Asia to compete for the first time. Previously limited to Europe and North America, Guns of Boom’s Pro League now welcomes competitors from four of the world’s largest regions to complete in their live studio events.

Guns of Boom Announces Gods of Boom Stadium

Guns of Boom fandomfare gaming

“From the moment we launched Guns of Boom, we’ve been fortunate enough to see passionate player communities develop around the world,” said Nikita Sherman, Game Insight’s Head of Strategy. “In regions like Brazil and India, our fans have been clamouring for a way to show off their skills in professional competition. Expanding our reach to these territories was our top priority for Season Two. We’ll also be bringing some of our Pro League studio competitions to these new regions. To our players around the world: we’ve heard you, and we’re excited to see what you can bring to the arena! Let’s mix things up and see which team from which territory can take home the trophy in Season Two.”

Guns of Boom will continue to welcome all players to join in their esports season by competing in Challenger Series online matches. Formerly known as Go4, Season Two’s Challenger Series will give all players a chance to earn rewards and prizes, with the top Challenger Series teams earning a place to compete at Pro League events throughout the season. Together with Gods of Boom and Pro League, Guns of Boom Season Two will be supporting three distinct levels of competition for the first time. Challenger Series competition will kick off Season Two beginning in January.

Guns of Boom fandomfare gaming

“Seeing Game Insight embrace ESL's ‘Zero to Hero’ approach in their second year is fantastic,” said Sean Charles, ESL’s Senior Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations. “Guns of Boom is taking a dominant stance in mobile competitive play, and it answers directly the desire of the community.”

The Guns of Boom Season One Finals ended in a rematch between the teams that duked it out for the title of European Invitational Champion earlier in the season. Black Bulls triumphed over Back-to-Back during the Season One Finals for the second time to take home $60,000 in prize money. Black Bulls secured their place in the final round after defeating Yakuza in the semi-finals - a new team created by a former Black Bulls teammate, using their original moniker. In addition to the prize money, Black Bulls have also been awarded with the first confirmed competitor slot for the Gods of Boom Invitational at IEM Expo 2019 in Katowice.

For more information about Guns of Boom esports, see their Facebook page.

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