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Free Squishies PSVR Demo Edition available now

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Fandomfare Gaming - In VR a DEMO is worth a thousand screenshots. Try Squishies for free today! Free Squishies PSVR

Free fee Squishies PSVR  fandomfare gaming

In order to tempt those of you who were unsure about taking the plunge, we've released a free downloadable demo version of Squishies. The demo features 10 of our 100 story levels and our powerful level editor.

Free fee Squishies PSVR  fandomfare gaming

We're also working hard on our first big free update. It will contain a new power-up fruit, alien artifact and creature for you to use in the level editor. The spicey new 'Rocket Fruit' power-up is really something to behold. We can’t wait for all you Squishy-nauts to show us what you can do with it. To make it even clearer for new players we have also slightly improved the tutorial.

Free Squishies PSVR

If you're still not sure about Squishies, check out this really comprehensive video review created by Chris from PSVR World:

Free fee Squishies PSVR  fandomfare gaming

It does a great job of showing what Squishies is all about. And don't forget! If you create and upload your own level, you'll have a chance to be featured in our 'Staff Picks' section. Perhaps you'll even show up on PSVR World's "The Sunday Squish":

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