fandomfare gaming Tuesday lunchtime

fandomfare Tuesday lunchtime in MTG ARENA in MTG ARENA

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming

fandomfare gaming Tuesday lunchtime in MTG ARENA well it was a good day in the arena the last game was a pretty wild ride I was wondering if either of us would pull the game off without surrendering. that is the thing I love about mtg arena its always different and surprising.

fandomfare gaming Tuesday lunchtime

if you want to see more or join the battle take a chance at challenging us in Magic: The Gathering Arena we play live stream between 10;30 am and 1;30 pm every weekday and Sunday on Saturday we have Fandomfare Saturday nite live stream that can happen any time of day from 7 am to 7pm make sure you are following this page and turn the video notice on to get notified when we are streaming.

fandomfare gaming Tuesday lunchtime

we also live stream Roblox GAME adventure with Iidude 7 times for these do vary greatly thank for watching Tuesday lunchtime in the mtg arena hope you join us again tomorrow.

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