Trade with Unique EtherMium DEX Exchange

Trade with Unique EtherMium DEX Exchange

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Here are the 3 hottest features of EtherMium, that will launch your trading profits to the moon: limit and stop orders, rock-solid security, and affiliate commissions for life.

Trade like a wolf from Wall-Street

Have you ever dreamed about using the nicest features of the real-life stock market on a crypto DEX? Now is your chance! EtherMium is a ground-breaking decentralized platform with the unique advantages of using limit orders and stop orders.

It is a catch owing to the market is fickle, consequently, different types of orders give EtherMium a noteworthy head start. Not sure what are we talking about? A bit of self-education:

  • Limit order example: Nick buys X-coin on EtherMium at $175 and wants to sell it at $200, he sets sell intervals between $190 and $210. On average, the final price will be $200. Setting a limit order is easy and also the preferred order method among newcomers and pro-traders. The trader sets the desired price and awaits the order execution with patience. If limit orders are managed correctly, it is easy to capitalize on the market.
  • A stop order limits losses. The stop order will be executed when the desired price has been reached. It works like a limit order in the way it goes to the order book, but it buys or sells like a market order. To be more specific, a trader usually sets a higher price for selling, or lower for buying, that he wants to trigger a market order at.

Those are universal laws for the stock market and with such tools you will become a more lucrative crypto trader. Just make wise decisions and EtherMium takes care of the rest.

Sleep well at night, while your assets are in safe hands

With EtherMium you are not just relishing the gains on our decentralized exchange. Your transactions are anonymous, registration takes one minute and doesn’t require KYC. Why so? We simply do not need your personal data, we just help your money making trades to remain secure.

To be more precise, there are 2 key factors assuring your funds’ security, namely, smart contracts and our order book service. They work in synergy to provide you with better security:

  • Smart contracts are self-executing and assure the transaction only takes place on the terms of the agreement between buyer and sellerThe code and the agreements are written on the decentralized blockchain network. The purchase of coins can only take place towards the address of the user and only if both prices are matching. You are in full control of your assets!
  • Order Book Service is used to maintain all user orders outside the blockchain. Why so? It decreases transaction costs and prevents network limits. Your transactions are still secure, because no trade would execute without the user’s specific signature.

All tools at your fingertips – easy and beautiful!

User experience is a crucial part of every trading platform. Executing your trading strategy should be accurate and fast!

An Intuitive and clear interface is what makes EtherMium easy to use. The user-friendly trading dashboard allows you to monitor the latest news about selected coins, trending ratios and your wallet balance.

Our team is here to support and answer your questions at any time, right from your dashboard. Contact us via Live Chat or find the answers in our FAQ section.
It is worth mentioning that a trader can attach screenshots within the Live Chat, which is of tremendous help when trying to clarify a problem.

You can easily connect your MetaMask wallet to the EtherMium platform. For those, who prefer cold storage, EtherMium supports Ledger Nano S hardware wallets.

To boot, soon EtherMium App will be available for IOS and Android users to be always within your reach.

Affiliate rewards – passive income, every minute

Are you tired of chasing Airdrops and Bounty programs? Endlessly waiting for your bonuses to be paid out? EtherMium affiliate rewards are paid out instantly and will reward you forever!


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