NAIRI: Tower of Shirin - Now Available On Nintendo Store & Steam!

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin – Now Available On Nintendo Store & Steam!

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HomeBearStudio is pleased to announce that their first game, NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, is now available on Steam and, console exclusive on Nintendo Switch!

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is a special fusion of point and click adventure puzzle game with stunning graphics and a cast that gives it its own unique quality ideally suited to the Nintendo Switch. The game is full of adorable visuals and characters, within a troubled world that is sure to delight anyone looking for a strong narrative and puzzle experience.

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NAIRI: Tower of Shirin - Now Available On Nintendo Store & Steam!

Players follow Nairi, a troubled upper class girl, and Rex, a gangster-turned-scholar, as they uncover a dark mystery involving the mysterious Tower of the oasis city of Shirin.
Nairi is a young woman from the rich district of Shirin, the oasis city where the game takes place. When a sudden incident forces her to abandon her rich, sheltered life, she ends up in the seedy lower district of the city ruled by gangs.

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin - A Unique & Heartfelt Journey!

About HomeBearStudio
Founded in 2016 by Joshua van Kuilenburg and You Miichi, of Dutch and
Japanese nationality respectively, HomeBearStudio is a small, Dutch, game
studio focused on bringing endearing and compelling experiences to gamers.
The independent game studio was established in the Netherlands with the core
principle in mind: to create adorable, yet intrinsically compelling gameplay
experiences. More information:

About Hound Picked Games
Hound Picked Games, subsidiary of global consultancy agency PR Hound, is a
company set on helping indie studios realise their full potential releases. It
specialises in hand-picking indie games that can benefit from the work of
industry experts with over 50 years of experience in the business.
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