Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

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If you are a type of player who loves intriguing mysteries and the adventurous world of puzzles,  Faraway 4: Ancient Escape will surely excite you.

Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

Prequel to Faraway trilogy has been released on November 28th and it is now available on iOS and Android platforms. Faraway is an adventure game series, a modern tribute to Myst designed for phones and tablets. The game is developed by Pine Studio in collaboration with the talented indie studio Somnium Games. 

This time the game is taking us to ancient times, where we follow the Greek philosopher Theophrastus seeking his way through an unknown mystical land where the whole Faraway story began.
This room escape game will undoubtedly challenge your mind with atmospheric music, captivating story and puzzle solving skills. Also, Faraway 4 offers you a chance to unravel the story mysteries which you’ve previously encountered in Faraway trilogy.

If you have not yet joined 15 million players all around the world in Faraway land, now is your chance. You can try first nine levels for free of charge, with a choice to buy the rest of the game for full Faraway experience.
Explore the 3D puzzling world with 18 new levels that will make you observe, collect, manipulate and solve riddles to help our hero resolve his doubts about the world he’s living in.

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