Introducing PrizePicks, The Most Simple, Fast And Fun Daily Fantasy Sports Game To Hit The US Market

Introducing PrizePicks, The Most Simple, Fast And Fun Daily Fantasy Sports Game To Hit The US Market


The company behind the Fantasy Sports Trade Association's (FSTA) '2016 Rookie of the Year' Award have today introduced PrizePicks, its flagship daily fantasy sports game created specifically for sports fans to leverage their prediction skills and reap significant rewards. The game is easy to understand, enjoyable to play, and the quickest format the fantasy sports industry has seen to date. After nearly one year in private beta testing, PrizePicks is available now for free on the web at

Introducing PrizePicks, The Most Simple, Fast And Fun Daily Fantasy Sports Game To Hit The US Market

The creators of SidePrize developed the PrizePicks game format, offering members new and exciting ways to compete and win prizes. With PrizePicks, fantasy sportsfans no longer have to play in competitions against peers with superior knowledge and resources. Instead, they can test their prediction skills in a fixed odds format. Since fans do not compete with each other, they have a higher likelihood of winning significant prizes. Specifically, PrizePicks appeals to season-long fantasy NFL players who are currently sporting 1-3 or 0-4 records and not likely to make their fantasy league playoffs. With this daily fantasy game, these fans have every reason to stay engaged throughout the season, even if they may not contend in their own fantasy leagues.

"The domestic fantasy sports market is made up of more than 53.5 million fantasy players, and the great majority are playing the season-long fantasy format," said CEO Adam Wexler, who sits on the FSTA Board of Directors and Co-Chairs the Research Committee. "Yet, season-long fantasy players have never found a casual game that allows them to raise the stakes on a daily basis. PrizePicks caters to these sports fans, especially the season-long fantasy players who are seeking a daily fantasy gamingexperience."

PrizePicks curates a board of players to select from on a daily basis. Sports fans pick two, three or four players from the list, and then predict if each player will go over or under their projected fantasy score. Fans then enter the dollar amount they would like to place into an entry, where a minimum entry is $10 and maximum is $100. If they get all their picks right, they win multiples of the dollar amount they entered — with the potential to win up to $1000 per entry. Entry prizes are credited in real-time, and members can withdraw winnings from their accounts via direct deposit or check, with additional forms of payment coming soon.

PrizePicks is available for Football (NFL & NCAAF), Basketball (NBA & WNBA), Baseball (MLB), Soccer (MLS) and Golf (PGA). Sports fans can 'get in the game' at, where every new fan receives a free first entry to win a quick $25. The game also offers an immediate $100 match on each member's first deposit.


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