Distrust and Anima GOM:TNC, now available in physical format for PS4.

Distrust and Anima GOM:TNC, now available in physical format for PS4.

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After doing the rounds on PlayStation Store, more recently in the case of Distrust and with a little more time to in the case of Anima GOM: The Nameless Chronicles, the versions for PlayStation 4 of the titles mentioned are now being materialized in stores in their physical version.

Distrust and Anima GOM:TNC, now available in physical format for PS4.

Lovers of collecting their favourite titles on the shelf, of having the games in a physical format, with their little box… are in luck with the arrival to the stores of both Cheerdealers’ Survival and Anima Project’s Action RPG.  

 A helicopter crash left a group of explorers stranded near an Arctic base. As they try to find a way back, all they are doing is sinking deeper into a nightmare scenario. When they sleep, they attract a terrifying force that sucks the life out of their bodies, but the longer they battle exhaustion and stay awake, the less likely they are to survive…

As the survivors try to sleep just enough to stave off fatigue without dying, they slowly go mad and eventually reach the point where they can no longer trust their senses. In time, they can’t even tell the difference between reality and a hallucination.  

Main features:

Guide the survivors through a randomly generated Arctic base, overcome the severe climate and fight the unfathomable!

  • Gameplay involving an extreme climate.
  • Randomly generated levels.
  • 15 characters with unique skills and abilities.
  • Tons of quests, game events and plot twists.
  • Altered perception of reality: you cannot trust what you see.

The Nameless Chronicles takes us back to the events that gave birth to the first Anima, but from the standpoint of the enemy side. We will put ourselves in the role of The Nameless, an immortal who has been assuming different identities throughout history, and his quest to find a meaning to his eternal existence. In The Nameless Chronicles we will accompany him on a journey in which his past lives will be interwoven with a war in the shadows in which the fate of the world will be at stake.

Like Anima: Gate of Memories, this new installment is an Action RPG packed with spectacular attacks and memorable bosses, which mixes elements inherited from traditional table top RPG with a gameplay reminiscent of hack & slash classics like Devil May Cry and Nier: Automata. Action, exploration and evolution of the character through experience points are some of the mechanics included in its gameplay.    

This new Anima is an adventure completely independent of the original game, although there will be no lack of elements, characters and winks that only those who have played the first instalment of the saga will recognize.

With an epic soundtrack created by Sonotrigger Studios and stunning visuals that, like on the first installment, blends cel-shading graphics with realistic 3D environments, The Nameless Chronicles has it all to become the Action RPG indie game of the year.  

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