BlackArch Linux 2018.12.01

BlackArch Linux 2018.12.01

Linux Distribution

blackarch Linux ISO and OVA images. Here is the changeLog: added more than 150 new tools; enabled wicd service by default; removed dwm window manager; removed wmii window manager; added bactl package (script to configure and set up BlackArch environment); included every tool of BlackArch except: cuda-/oclhashcat

BlackArch Linux 2018.12.01

vmcloak, theZoo; included Linux kernel 4.19.4; included wordlistctl; updated BlackArch installer to version 1.0.3; updated default ISO files (synchronised with archiso's template); package QAs (runtime checks) were performed prior the ISO image build; updated all BlackArch tools

eleased the new BlackArch Linux ISOs and OVA image. For details see the ChangeLog below.

Here's the ChangeLog:

  • added more than 150 new tools
  • enabled wicd service by default
  • removed dwm window manager
  • removed wmii window manager
  • added bactl package (script to config and setup BlackArch environment)
  • included every tool of BlackArch except: cuda-/oclhashcat, vmcloak, theZoo
  • included linux kernel 4.19.4
  • included wordlistctl (
  • updated blackarch-installer to v1.0.3
  • updated default ISO files (synced with archiso's template)
  • package QAs (runtime checks) were performed prior the ISO build
  • updated all blackarch tools and packages including config files
  • updated all system packages
  • updated all window manager menus (awesome, fluxbox, openbox)
  • re-add multilib

We wish to thank all of BlackArch's users, mirrors, and supporters. Thanks for your help.


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