Minecraft Server With 1.6 Million Users to Integrate Blockchain Character

Minecraft Server With 1.6 Million Users to Integrate Blockchain Character

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Lucille Games and Enjin have announced that the world’s first blockchain-based Minecraft character will soon be playable in Lucille Games’ Minecraft server, PokéFind. Utilizing Enjin’s blockchain technology, the studio will complete full blockchain integration of the character, named “Goard,” thereafter and transfer gameplay data to the blockchain, ensuring character progression is accrued from its initial launch on PokéFind November 10. While Goard originates from War of Crypto, Lucille Games’ upcoming release for Android and iOS, Minecraft players will also be able to battle him against Pokémon in the popular server, which boasts 1.6 million players.

Over the coming months, Goard will also become playable in War of Crypto, while his identity, history, and metadata are stored on the blockchain. The reality of complete cross-game integration, as dreamed of in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, will soon become tangible—Goard and whichever skin he is equipped with will be able to seamlessly move between the gaming realms of War of Crypto and PokéFind.

Goard will likely be the first character that users can progress and advance by playing multiple games. Players will have the chance to win Goard by taking part in War of Crypto’s Early Access Sale, a crowdfunding event that will provide early supporters with access to a wide range of rare and exclusive characters and skins. The sale will commence on November 10 on http://warofcrypto.io.

One of the industry’s most eagerly anticipated blockchain games, War of Crypto’s previous pre-sale sold out within 40 minutes of being launched. The game’s alpha version is slated for release in early 2019 and will feature full blockchain integration upon initial launch—at which point Goard will be playable and able to advance via two separate gaming worlds.

Lucille Games is utilizing Enjin’s back-end server, “The Trusted Platform,” to connect PokéFind and War of Crypto to the blockchain. The studio is also utilizing Enjin’s Blockchain SDK, a software development kit built for Unity Game Engine, to simplify the process of creating and integrating blockchain-based characters into War of Crypto. Unity is the world’s most popular game engine, used by 4.5 million developers who have produced games downloaded to more than 770 million devices.

Minecraft Server With 1.6 Million Users to Integrate Blockchain Character

Enjin will soon release an upgrade to their popular Minecraft Plugin, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times. The update will enable any Minecraft server operator to create and integrate blockchain assets through an easy-to-use interface. Already familiar with Enjin’s back-end infrastructure, Lucille Games plans to integrate Goard using the same Trusted Platform server War of Crypto will utilize, thereby streamlining integration with a single developer interface.

Upon receiving the blockchain-based versions of Goard and other Early Access Sale heroes, users will be able to store and manage the tokens seamlessly via the Enjin Smart Wallet, one of the highest rated and most secure cryptocurrency wall




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