Enjin Launches World’s First Blockchain Item Creation Service, ‘Mintshop’

Enjin Launches World’s First Blockchain Item Creation Service, ‘Mintshop’

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Anyone can now create their own custom crypto items thanks to Mintshop, an innovative out-of-the-box minting service launched today by Enjin. The world’s first made-to-order blockchain item creation service, Mintshop enables customers to mint up to 10,000 custom-branded ERC-1155 tokens for as little as $0.03 per token.

Creating blockchain assets normally requires writing and deploying smart contracts to the blockchain. With Mintshop, Enjin is automating the complex steps of token creation and lowering the barrier to entry by offering to mint items for anyone who places an order through the online store.

Mintshop will allow users to create both fungible (identical - e.g., ERC-20) and non-fungible (unique - e.g., ERC-721) token items. All items created via the Mintshop will be ERC-1155 tokens backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ) to guarantee their base value, meaning users can retrieve the ENJ from within their items at any time by melting them via the Enjin Wallet.

Prior to launching Mintshop, Enjin released an update to the Enjin Wallet which provides full support for ERC-1155 items, including sending, receiving, and melting features. Created by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski, ERC-1155 has been praised as the next generation Ethereum token item standard.

With Mintshop, users can easily submit a name, description, and image to create a token on the blockchain—creating new potential use cases across markets and industries. For example, a person who creates digital artwork can transform their art into a blockchain asset with Mintshop, thereby validating its authenticity and increasing its collectible value.

Enjin Launches World’s First Blockchain Item Creation Service, ‘Mintshop’

Customer-facing businesses can also utilize Enjin’s Mintshop for marketing purposes to effectively automate their customer retention process and create a wide range of promotional materials—from collectibles and souvenirs to memberships, certificates, and vouchers. For example, companies can easily create collectibles to reward customers or offer exclusive memberships certified by the blockchain. Because blockchain assets cannot be faked, all types of certificates (e.g., gift certificates and certificates of authenticity) can also be placed on the blockchain.

All Mintshop profits will be used to buy back ENJ to ensure Enjin holds a steady supply to continue minting items in the future. Enjin is also offering a 25% referral commission to anyone who refers new customers, thereby encouraging further adoption of blockchain technology.

Visit mint.enjincoin.io to get started.

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