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A supergroup of music entrepreneurs has got together to challenge the likes of Spotify and Amazon Music and give artists an ethical deal. They have decided it’s time to give something back to help the next generation of talent, and they call their venture Jeeni.


Jeeni is a multi-channel streaming service for original music on demand. As a dedicated showcase for exclusive entertainment, Jeeni provides a direct service between new artists, their iconic heroes and the global audience.

In charge of Jeeni’s American operation is Kelli Richards, the woman who was directly responsible for the birth of digital entertainment and global music online, now known as Apple Music. “I was privileged to have been mentored by the legendary Steve Jobs over a period of several decades,” says Kelli. “I work on cool projects with cool people, and Jeeni is very, very cool.”

Jeeni’s director of music is Roger Watson, Grammy Award producer with 500 million record sales to his name. Watson has masterminded best-selling albums for superstars like Blondie and Tina Turner, and his role in Jeeni is to involve superstar mentors for new talent. “Can I get big names involved? The answer to that is - yes. They’ve all got the knowledge and experience to pass on to new artists discovered by Jeeni.” When asked which celebrities are in his sights, Roger says, “Rick Astley is a good old pal of mine, and he plays with Kylie Minogue. Just visit the Jeeni.online website to see all the stars we’ve worked with.”

Jeeni is headed up by Mel Croucher, hailed as the father of UK videogames, who has delivered huge fan databases for world-class stars including Prince, Eminem and U2. “Jeeni is all about new undiscovered talent, and we're putting power and cash back into the hands of the artists themselves. First we help artists grow a genuine fan base, then they use Jeeni to sell their original music direct to those fans, and then we say - well done, now keep every penny, because you’ve earned it!”

The project is already endorsed by Richard Branson’s Virgin programme to accelerate success, and artists and investors can own a stake in the company themselves at www.crowdcube.com/jeeni




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