Neverout proves that VR is the ideal platform for puzzle games

Neverout proves that VR is the ideal platform for puzzle games

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Just a month after the release of Neverout on PS4, the Polish studio Gamedust announced their plans for the next port of the game and that they are already working on a new project for Virtual Reality fans.

Neverout proves that VR is the ideal platform for puzzle games

Neverout is a puzzle game designed to be played in VR. Nevertheless, the developers managed to adapt the gameplay to the Nintendo Switch to play without goggles. Because of this achievement, Gamedust wanted the PlayStation 4 version to be more accessible, so even the players who don’t own PlayStation VR could enjoy it. That's why Neverout for PS4 allows you to switch between gameplay modes at any time. This helped the creators to reach out to the wider audience. This feature is available in only a few games of this type. Most of the games on PlayStation VR are dedicated applications or only additional modes that don’t support single or multiplayer campaigns in VR. Neverout gives you a choice that even high-budget competition can envy. In addition, Pro console owners can enjoy the game in higher – 4K resolution.

– We’re very happy with the effect that we achieved with Neverout on PlayStation 4. I can safely say that we’ve created two great versions of the same game which are available in a bundle. We’re currently thinking about releasing Neverout on Xbox One. Then the game would be available for users of all major platforms – comments Piotr Jaworski, CEO in Gamedust.

According to a review published on (score: 4/5), Neverout offers the right level of difficulty and an atmosphere that keeps players engaged all the way through to the end. A reviewer from (8.2/10) pointed out the game is very playable in both game modes and the high level of immersion in the VR version. The editor of stated that Neverout proves that VR is not only the domain of horror games but also a great platform for puzzle games.

However, Neverout is not the sole project on which the team is currently working on. A game entitled Spuds Unearthed is going to be one of the Gamedust future releases. It revolves around Spuds, a fierce but adorable species that fought so many wars that they managed to destroy their own planet. The player's job is to use tactical knowledge and dexterity to conquer the galaxy by choosing a crew, loading battleship with mayhem-inducing items and use them all to create chaos and just have fun. The game will be available on the most important VR platforms – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. The official launch is scheduled for the first half of 2019.


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Neverout proves that VR is the ideal platform for puzzle games 5

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