FourThirtyThree’s Mobile Sports Game Boxing Star major update – League 9, Story Mode and more!

FourThirtyThree’s Mobile Sports Game major update – League 9, Story Mode and more!

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Publisher and mobile game developer FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33) has announced that its mobile sports game Boxing Star has been updated to a new version, including with a new league and story mode expansion.

FourThirtyThree’s Mobile Sports Game Boxing Star major update – League 9, Story Mode and more!

Within the new update, Boxing Star mainly features a new multiplayer grade; league 9. At the previous version, multiplayer league was containing eight grades, distributing players by their Starpoints. From this update, players can now challenge up to ninth league, where boxers who holds more than 3,800 Starpoints compete.

Another main feature of this update is Story Mode expansion. Boxing Star delivers immersive story through Story Mode of an unknown boxer becoming a world champion. This version expands the Story Mode up to 14th area. Exclusive costume items are available upon victory at each of the area bosses.

This update also brought character maximum level expansion, new gears including 12 Protective Gears, 6 Gloves and 3 Omega Fusion Gloves. The update also brought 12 new skills of jab, hook and uppercut.

The main features of this update are enlisted below:

  • League 9 newly open.
  • Story Mode expanded up to 14th area
  • 18 new gears added including protective gears and gloves
  • 3 new Omega Fusion Gloves added
  • Character maximum level expanded up to 500
  • 12 new skills added
  • Sponsorship system upgraded
  • And more!

The details of the update can be found on official Boxing Star Facebook page.

Boxing Star is a mobile sports game featuring Story Mode and Multiplayer League where players can knockout challengers with their unique fighting style and personalized combination of skills. By worldwide popularity from players all around the world, it recently hit 10 million downloads.

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