Fandomfare Saturday Night Livestream in Magic the Gathering Arena

Fandomfare Saturday Night Livestream in Magic the Gathering Arena


Fandomfare Saturday Night Livestream in Magic the Gathering Arena 
well we had a great time in the arena players were out to just get us good it seemed but all we enjoyed the challenge hope you did too thanks for joining.

Fandomfare Saturday Night Livestream in Magic the Gathering Arena

Saturdays Livestream in the MTG Area got off to an earlier start than usual and the opponents were of a way more advanced level than we usually find at other hours not to mention white spells are not yet my best plays I have not played with white cards s much as I most likely should. not to mention I have been getting far less help from the rest of the fandomfare teams who are the game players

RIght after the Saturday Night Livestream  we reviewed a new game Drift Gear a game we thought might be of interest to some who follow or page it is a lower end game the controls are slow in responding and we have looked in to receives and videos from some of the players on the top of the game ladder and they seem to have the same issues that we came across.

we hope you joined us this afternoon for Sunday brunch in the arena, hoping when all the holiday stuff is done the interest in our videos and team effort will return we are still on the hunt for a replacement feature game to replace Roblox which has been nothing but none stop problem causing computer crashes continuously with there new update  since Halloween.

in the near future we have a list of game we will be checking out were looking at checking out Dota 22 and possibly rocket league to name a few we hope you will be on the lookout for these I have no timeline on whe  these will happen just yet thank for joining us. 


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