This 28 will be the official launch of Warlords Awakening

Finally, the awaited adventure game, Warlords Awakening, confirmed the date of its official launch by Steam. As of Wednesday, November 28, all users worldwide will be able to enjoy the renewed game in English and Portuguese.

During the period that Early Access lasted, the company PLAYWITH Interactive Inc., current representative of the game, made great changes and improvements that took the game to another level, so the MMORPG will come out with a final version renewed and complete for the world.

Warlords Awakening is a buy-to-play that will deliver this latest version with some of its most outstanding features: New maximum level 50, 4 new dungeons, new language in Portuguese, guild shop, New PvP Session, balance of classes, the event of the Christmas system, and much more.

To add excitement to this new release, the game will keep the gamer community entertained every Wednesday through their social networks with new events and exclusive prizes.

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