BBVA joins the launch of the EU's 'blockchain' platform

BBVA joins the launch of the EU’s ‘blockchain’ platform

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BBVA joins the launch of the EU's 'blockchain' platform

EU's 'blockchain' platform BBVA is one of the first five banks invited to join a blockchain forum organized by the European Commission (EC) in Brussels to, subsequently, join the launch of the IATBA, an European platform to promote the use of blockchain. The purpose of this publicly-sponsored initiative is to garner support from private blockchain and DLT experts to contribute to outline the EU’s strategy regarding these technologies.

The European Union does not want to miss the blockchain train. For this purpose, the EC convened representatives from public institutions and the private sector in a conference entitled ‘Uniting EU Industries to lead blockchain technologies.’ BBVA was one of the EU enterprises invited to take part in this debate forum on blockchain technology.

The forum was held to garner support for the European Union’s blockchain-related strategy. The EC invited representatives from the private sector, governments and public bodies to foster innovation and harness the possibilities enabled by the blockchain technology in Europe. On BBVA’s behalf, Carlos KuchkovskyHead of Research & Development New Digital Business, joined Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, and Roberto Viola, Director-General of DG CONNECT at the European Commission in a round table.

Carlos Kuchkovsky stressed the important role this common project could have in terms of establishing blockchain best practice and standards and at avoiding fragmentation on a European level. He also believes that it is an opportunity for Europe, which is positioned – with its current level of data protection and privacy management – to influence global standards.

At BBVA we fully support this initiative and are ready to get to work“, he said. He also singled out BBVA’s role as a pioneering financial company, a company that by virtue of its vast experience is equipped to contribute to the launch of the platform.


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