Heroine Anthem Zero Ep.02 is finally back

Heroine Anthem Zero Ep.02 is finally back

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Heroine Anthem Zero Ep.02 is finally back

 Heroine Anthem Zero episode 2: Scars of Memories, a 2D ARPG fantasy side-scroller is coming out with a free demo in 2 weeks on 12/12. Players and fans can sign up for an update and receive this treat from the developers.Game Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abkcu_ANKTo

Heroine Anthem Zero Ep.02 brings back all of the fan-favorite characters with a more in-depth development. New players can enjoy this standalone game while fans might spot some carefully planted Easter eggs from the developer.

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Based on the official trailer, Heroine Anthem Zero Ep.2 continues its epic soundtrack and beautiful art style. The storyline unravels its charm with the player's progression in the game. Players can fight along with their choice of pet and companion, unlock skills and new power-ups, and interact with different puzzles throughout the game.

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