Fandomfare Lunchtime MTG Arena Thursday

Fandomfare Lunchtime MTG Arena Thursday

FANDOMFARE Live Game streaming
Fandomfare Lunchtime MTG Arena Thursday

Fandomfare Lunchtime MTG Arena Thursday e What a Crazy Day the Live stream went off with out a hitch Facebook worked like a charm, Opponents were dropping  like Flys on us but we manage to capture our goal .

 Oddly after everthing running well for us as soon as the video was done we we had a power outage for over 2 1//2 hours and not much else got done beyond that no power internet heat  and all on the coldest day of the year go figure.

during the game, I mentioned that we would be playing asphalt Xtreme discovered this game has In-game ads you must watch to do certain things so this game can’t be live streamed on facebook sorry for the confusion that.

we have been playing Hearthstone a little not really well and my understanding of the cards is well non-existent I wish the battle net streaming tool  worked better for me however it does not like my laptop or Facebook stream looks great  but it mashes everything together  like 30 mins of streaming crammed in a 2 minute  reply video craziness

Live  Stream Saturday  Night this week will most likely be done in the morning or early afternoon this week as we have a family holiday party to attend on that night we really hope to see you there. we really are trying to get a  fairly steady schedule down for streaming it seems Lunchtime in the Arena is a fixed slot between 10:30 Am east time zone and 130 PM  Saturday night, Live Steam is tricky but I think in general it will be a mid-day thing. thanks for following and watching we are all learning together as we go here.

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